How To Master Direct Mail Campaign Workflow

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Jun 18, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great marketing channel to drive response; however many times marketers find direct mail campaigns to be complex and a big pain. They really are worth the effort. There are ways to simplify the workflow so that your next direct mail campaign is much easier.

5 Steps to better direct mail workflow:

  1. Collect – You need to bring together not only your team to work on your direct mail campaign but examples of previous mailing, results from the mailings, examples of what other companies have sent, ideas for future campaigns and all the equipment you will be using to brainstorm and create.
  2. Process – Go through all your samples both previous ones you have sent and ones others have brought in along with any other ideas. Sort them into two categories: Look into and No. Sometimes you may find you are on the fence about an idea, go ahead and add to look into for now.
  3. Organize – Now go through your look into pile and find commonalities, what is great about each piece or idea, jot them down. Also write down things that need improvement. This comprehensive list of good and bad will help you create your new piece. Organize all your thoughts into a comprehensive concept.
  4. Review – Here you want to look over your new concept and mail piece design to make sure that all the changes you made make sense, your offer is clear, your design is eye-catching and your message is easy to understand. You also need to meet postal regulations.
  5. Do – It is now time to execute. You have your calendar schedule, your piece designed and your list set up, you are ready. Make sure you can track your results so that you can know if it is working.

We can help you with each of the 5 steps as well as make sure your mail piece design meets postal requirements. In many cases we are an underutilized part of your team. Be sure to have your design evaluated before you print it, and then any problems can be fixed without incurring extra costs.

How To Create USPS  Informed Delivery Ads

The smoothest direct mail campaigns are well planned and leave adequate scheduling in place for each task. Time crunches cause problems.  Are you ready to get started?

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How to Improve Your Order Fulfillment Process

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Jun 11, 2018 @ 07:00 AM


Order fulfillment can be a big challenge. Your fulfillment process includes all the steps you must take from the order receipt to your customer’s receiving the package. There are many steps involved that can cause issues. As an example your process may look like this:

  1. Order is received, either on the web, in person, on the phone, via email, etc.
  2. Customer is notified that the order has been received.
  3. Order is sent to the warehouse.
  4. Order is picked.
  5. Order is packed to prepare for shipping.
  6. Order is shipped.
  7. Customer is notified that the order is on its way.
  8. Order arrives.

There are many steps to the process that can cause a breakdown or areas where you get bottlenecked. So, here are some tips to help you fulfill orders more quickly, accurately and efficiently.

  • Demand: Planning for demand involves knowing in advance what demand for a product will be and having stock on hand to fulfill the orders.
  • Inventory Management: Order fulfillment is all about meeting customer expectations. If you are out of stock on the items your customers want, you have a big problem. You must have systems in place to replenish low stock. Also, make sure you provide visibility on stock levels when customers place the order; it keeps them from being disappointed with backorders and delays.
  • Supply Chain: Do you have the right supply chain in place? Do you know how long it takes to produce each item you sell so that you do not have back orders?
  • Logistics: Once the items are ready to ship, how are you going to get them to the customer? How long will it take? Will the items be handled carefully so they arrive in one piece?

So now that you have fine-tuned these 4 areas, how can you speed up the process?

  1. Have logical staging areas for an easy pick/pack process such as most commonly ordered items grouped together first in an easy access location.
  2. Make sure you have software that helps you manage the orders and processes. This can be a seamless transition between employees and departments.
Learn 5 Things a Good Fulfillment Center Must Provide

Many companies find that their fulfillment of orders is consuming too much time. They then look to outsource the fulfillment to save time and meet customer expectations. Happy customers mean you will get more orders. Do you have a great process in place? Tell us about it.

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What Can You Expect From A Bulk SMS Service?

Posted by Emmanuel Domingo on Fri, Jun 08, 2018 @ 09:57 AM

Mobile Marketing

Bulk SMS services have transformed marketing communications and is opening new avenues for businesses of all sizes. Blue chip brands are already taking advantage of bulk SMS services, and millions of small businesses are feeling the benefits as well.

The recent advancements in mobile technology has taking mobile marketing on to the next level. With the introduction of features such as attachments, customer surveys, real-time feedback reports and ticketing solutions, marketers have some powerful tools to engage customers and compel them to take action.

Not only that, Bulk SMS enables you to reach thousands of customers for a cost-effective fee and with an open rate between 90-98% you are guaranteed more bang for your buck. The life-cycling of texting also enables you to measure the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns.

How do bulk SMS services work?

The first stage of an SMS texting campaign is to convince customers to sign up to your mobile marketing service. If you already have a list of mobile contacts, send a message inviting them to opt in.

Your initial invitation should include an irresistible promotion that increases your chances of receiving a high volume of responses. You should also advertise the offer on billboards, posters, flyers, blogs, website, social media networks and any other marketing channels at your disposal.

Bulk SMS software typically use short codes recipients have to text back to take advantage of your promotion. Once they respond, you have to request their permission to receive other promotional offers. This is known as an ‘opt-in.’

Once you have built a list of mobile customers, you can send them special promotions. The goal of your SMS marketing campaigns can be used for a variety of reasons; to increase sales, raise brand and product awareness, provide information or reminders, enhance customer loyalty or a simple thank you.

Because mobile marketing is cost-effective, reliable and personal, bulk SMS services are growing into one of the most powerful marketing tools in the industry. SMS marketing has a higher response rate than any other marketing channel and texting is the most preferred means of communication for customers.

What industries can benefit from bulk SMS services?

Bulk SMS services will not be the best solution for all small businesses, but there are a lot of advantages across many industry sectors. Restaurants, retailers, event organizers, travel agents, hotels, banks, real-estate agents, dentists, hairdressers, personal trainers, sports centers and many more are all benefitting from bulk SMS services.

On a broader scale, schools and colleges are using SMS services to communicate with students and parents, and numerous corporations are taking advantage of mobile marketing to communicate with customers and partners.

Bulk SMS services are not only used for promotional purposes. Texting is also being used to send invitations to marriages, birthdays and all manner of events. Organizations also adopt SMS services as an internal function to support or act as an alternative to email.

Bulk SMS services have matured into an essential marketing tool and its many uses give companies leverage to produce better results in many various aspects of your business.

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"Emmanuel is part of the IT team of He’s a business tech-savvy and also a blogger that covers anything that can make entrepreneur's life easier and faster. With his well-researched blogs, you are always up-to-date."

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How To Create Visually Appealing Direct Mail

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, Jun 04, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

Why are we afraid of blank space on our direct mail? More and more of the mail I am getting in my mail box are very crowded with text and images. Visually I am overwhelmed and I am willing to bet that most people are. Yes images are needed, yes text is needed, but when you cover a large mailer front and back it turns into just noise and noise goes in the trash. So I would like us all to consider something, how can we get our message across while including more blank space?

Rather than call it blank space I prefer to think of it as the space in between, because really that is what it is. It’s between images, it’s between copy and between your call to action. It opens up our mind as a peaceful place between thoughts. It’s calming and refreshing to have that in between space for a breath and a preparation for what is to come next. Our brains need that little down time to organize what we are seeing and digest what has been read.

How to create the space in between:

  • Images: Select one or two images for the mailer. When sizing them, make them large enough for understanding while allowing for space between the image and the copy.
  • Copy: Do not put copy over the images. Use bullet points and bolding to draw attention to your concise copy. Mailers are not letters, so don’t get too wordy. Allow for space between lines and use an open font instead of a compressed one.
  • Call to action: This needs to be in its own area with plenty of space around it to stand out. Get right to the point, what do your customers/prospects need to do. Make sure to tell them that and how to do it.
  • Color: The color or colors that you choose for your mail piece are very important. You need them to work together with your copy and images to convey your message. Don’t go crazy with a ton of colors, pick a theme and have that guide your choices. When trying to create blank space you can use color, just keep it mild so when it is combined with open spaced copy you are not overwhelming the visual senses.

The whole point of your mailer is to get people to respond, when you turn them off with too many images, too much copy or over the top colors your mailer is ineffective. With digital marketing always in our faces flashing images and endless pop ups, it is refreshing to get mail pieces  that are not scattered all over the place but focused on one clear message. These mail pieces get acted upon. Create these pieces for your next campaign.

How To Create USPS  Informed Delivery Ads

You need to grab attention, but in a good way. By adding the space in between your attention getting images and focused copy you are able to draw attention to the right areas of your mailer. No one is getting lost or confused by what they see.  Still not swayed? Try a test piece that adds the space to half your list and your normal one to the other half to see what works better for you. You want people to remember your message and act on it. Are you ready to get started?

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Best Practices For Writing a Follow-up Email

Posted by Jessica Pyykkonen on Thu, May 31, 2018 @ 08:25 AM

The best thing? Sending out a really well-crafted marketing email that you know will knock their socks off and persuade them that yes, they should in fact do business with you.

But the worst thing? Sending out that email and hearing nothing—silence. It can lead to a feeling of despair. But don’t let that guide you. Instead, take aim at the next thing—the follow up email.

Here’s the thing about a follow up email, or really any email in general. That subject line? You shouldn’t ignore it. In fact, email holds such power that every element in its creation is important. Think about this: three out of four marketers use email, which is an increase of over 80 percent in just two years. When it comes to B2C marketers, there’s an even bigger growth rate. So it’s time to get crafting an amazing follow up email, and this graphic helps you do it.

When They Don’t Respond, Here’s How You Write a Follow-Up Email

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Mobile Marketing Guide

Posted by Summer Gould on Tue, May 29, 2018 @ 07:29 AM

San Diego Mobile Marketing

We are in an omni-channel world, therefore we need to be where our customers are to drive response. That means we need to use mobile marketing. Before you get started it is best to put together a plan. Like all marketing channels you need a goal before you start.

  • Objectives: Some examples would be a defined number of sales, mobile opt-ins, registrations, coupons and so on.
  • Setup: Know the regulations for legal compliance. You should also map out the customer journey and make sure to consider all possible paths. People do not always do what we expect.
  • Creative: You may or may not be using images, but if you are it is important to pick the right image. You will also need to carefully craft your words as there is limited copy space available.
  • List: Make sure your list only contains people who have opted into your mobile campaigns. You should also be segmenting people based on buying history.
  • Tracking: You will want to make sure you can track who is responding. There are two ways you can do this unique identifiers and device identifiers. You will need to pick which one will work for your campaign.
  • Reporting: There are many things you can gain by analyzing reports after your campaign is complete. Identify what you want to know before you start the campaign so that you can make sure you have included the ability to see reporting on each item you want to know about.
  • Testing: You need to know how your message looks on various types of phones and tablets. Test out each aspect of the campaign and each option to be sure all links are going where you expected them.

Now you have all the information and are ready to start your campaign. It is always a good idea to cross pollinate your marketing channels to increase response rates. So get people to opt into your mobile marketing through other channels such as mail and email. You can give them a special offer if they do, or by signing up for mobile the automatically get coupons. You need to provide value to people in order to get them to participate.  Are you ready to get started?

Why Use  Multi-Channel Marketing

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5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Continues to Lead in a Digital World

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, May 21, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

San Diego Direct Mail

There are so many choices of marketing channels now you may feel overwhelmed. Each company should have a different mix that works best for them. Many marketers have found that digital only marketing is not as effective for them as a mix that includes direct mail. Did you know that direct mail is visually processed more quickly than digital media? When considered in concert with its higher motivation and lower cognitive load, this suggests it gets the message across faster. Are you using direct mail effectively?

Reasons why direct mail stands out in the digital age:

  1. Recipients: They like direct mail and view it as less intrusive than other forms of marketing. Not only that but studies have shown direct mail messaging is understood and acted upon more often than digital. Direct mail is easier to understand and more memorable than digital media. It required 21% less cognitive effort to process and elicits a much higher brand recall.
  2. Competition: There is now less competition in the mail boxes. You can really stand out. Build your brand recognition and get noticed.
  3. Physical: Direct mail is tangible. Your customers and prospects can touch it, manipulate it and save it for later. They can even pass the information provided in a direct mail piece to their family or friends. You can add special coatings and folds to really give people something to touch. Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital media. Its motivation response is 20% higher even more so if it appeals to more senses beyond touch.
  4. Targeting: Unlike all other forms of marketing, you can extensively target your audience with very specific details. The better you target your list to your offer the more response you will get.
  5. Personalized: Direct mail can be hyper personalized. The more information you have on your customers and prospects the more personal you can get. Personalizing with more than a name is important. Use personalized offers, images and text to draw people in and get them to respond.

With direct mail, it is most important to know who your audience is. Only 14% of organizations say they are currently running coordinated marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Be one of the 14%. Oversized pieces stand out the most according to the DMA 2017 report. In fact oversized pieces have been shown to increase response rates by 10.4%, producing the best overall response rate! 66% of direct mail is being opened and 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase. These are powerful numbers and you need to make the most of them.

How To Create USPS  Informed Delivery Ads

Don’t forget to be tracking your results. The only way to continue to improve your campaigns is to modify them based on the results from each campaign. Your ROI depends on you knowing what is working and what is not.

If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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How to Generate Response with Facebook Ads

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, May 14, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

San Diego Social Media Marketing

Facebook ads are a great way to get in front of customers and prospects to sell your product or service with social media marketing. Did you know that Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users? In order to get a better understanding of who you can potentially reach here the users are 83% women and 75% men. Not sure your age group is on Facebook? The ages are as follows: 88% of 18-29, 84% of 30-49, 72% of 50-64 and 62% of 65+.  As you can see, your customers are on Facebook, yes even if you are a business to business company.

So now that you are convinced Facebook ads are a good idea lets tackle how to get people to respond to your ads.

  1. Image – Use images that include a face. People’s eyes are drawn to faces without even realizing it. You will grab attention right away.
  2. Emotion – Appeal to the emotions of your prospects and customers. Emotion sells, facts do not.
  3. Color – The colors you use in the ad are important and need to be eye catching. Red is a universal color that demands attention.
  4. Social – Show them that many people just like them love your product or service and why.
  5. Exclusive or One Time Deal – You need people to respond so give them a reason to with a limited time offer, limited quantity offer or special offer for the first set number of people.
  6. Words – The top words to use to drive response are: Free, You, Because, Instantly, New.

Once you design and write the copy for your ad, you then need to consider who to target. The better able you are to target the right people, the more response you will get from your ad. Your options include demographics, location, interests, and behaviors. Choose the ones that make the most sense for you.

How To Integrate  Direct Mail & Social Media

Once you create your ad and select your audience, you will select your budget amount and the time frame you want it to run, and then post it. Facebook reviews all ads before they are published. Once approved and published you will be able to track your responses. Make sure to be monitoring for comments so that you can respond to them promptly. Are you ready to get started?

Need help? Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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Does Funny Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Posted by Summer Gould on Mon, May 07, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

 San Diego Direct Mail

Yes, humor and good direct mail marketing work. A low price does not have to be the driving factor in your direct mail, don’t sell your mail short! If you can create your mail piece with a funny theme, it resonates and drives a better response. Of course your offer still matters but the funny creative can really help. Humor helps you stand out from the competition and gets your mailer shared with others.

How can you use humor in your direct mail?

  1. Story – Build a story based on a pain point people have that your product or service can help them with, which can then be highlighted with humor. Focus on your prospects and customers not on the product or service itself. Benefits to them are what sell for you.
  2. Budget – You do not need a huge budget to get this going. Make an effort to outline what you want to do and your budget before getting outside help. Set your goals and expectations first.
  3. Writer – Find a funny writer that is not part of your organization. An outsider can find more things about the benefits of your product or service to make funny than you or anyone on your team.
  4. Audience – You need to tailor your humorous message to the right audience. Which means you may need to create more than one and segment your list.
  5. Design – You will need to use both humorous copy and images to really make your direct mail stand out.

Basically, the more memorable your mail is, the more effective your campaign will be. One rule you should adhere to when using humor is to make sure the comedy apex occurs at the last possible moment. Messaging following the punch line leaves the reader less happy. It may take you time to develop, but a mail campaign that includes humor can give you a big payoff. Remember that the humor should enhance your message not take away from it.

How To Get Your Direct  Mail Headlines To Sell

Are you ready to get started? If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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Are You Segmenting Your Email Audience Correctly?

Posted by Jessica Pyykkonen on Wed, May 02, 2018 @ 10:07 AM

You know this: All customers are not created equal. They don’t have the same characteristics and demographics. They aren’t the same age or gender, they don’t live in the same houses or on the same streets (well, maybe some of them do). So why would you market your products or services to all of your customers in the same way?

Well, as any good marketer would tell you—you shouldn’t.  The more you know about your customers and potential customers, the more you can segment them, and the more you can segment them, the more you can appeal to their different wants and needs. And customers that get communication from you that feels individualized will better feel as if you are “speaking” to them—and thus exhibit more loyalty. So what does customers segmentation look like when it comes to email, and how can you implement it in your business? This graphic offers some ideas.


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